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Photographic VR


 Maritime New Media produces photographic virtual reality.

We specialize in QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, scenes and custom applications that contain photography based virtual reality. We also produce PhotoShipCD, photographic ship documentation software which makes use of photographic VR. Our photographic virtual reality runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. We also deliver photographic VR content and custom applications in all of the other flavors of photographic VR besides QuickTime VR.

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contents - copyright, 1998, Ray Broussard & Maritime New Media, Inc. all rights reserved.

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QuickTime VR Samples below:

Sample the Mardi Gras

Go to parades or party in the French Quarter!

You can also access most of our non-Mardi Gras content of the Vieux Carre and CBD from our French Quarter Map

 French Quarter (65 panos)

or parades (13 panos)

Grab and launch over 2,000 long tons of steel and nearly 15,000 BHP. This 225' Anchor Handling Tug Supply Boat is the first of a rugged new breed of OSVs being newly constructed to support deep water oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico. (3 object movies in 3 res, jpegs + agif) -Also, visit SEACOR's new web site.

Wrinkle in Time:

On December 21, 1997 at 1pm New Orleans time, almost 100 QuickTime VR artist on at least 5 continents captured a panorama simultaneously. Here is Ray Broussard's Wrinkle submission which was captured at the Cafe Du Monde in the New Orleans French Quarter. Richard Vallon also captured a pano at the Cafe Du Monde. We combined the two panoramas into a linked scene which resulted in a 380 kb file. To see the other participant's panos, hit the Wrinkle in Time page. Thanks Rabbett and thanks Cafe Du Monde.


Ray Broussard also participated in the Spin-O-Rama, another coordinated QTVR shoot. This one took place January 8, 1998 in conjunction with the MacWorld convention in San Francisco. Keeping with the theme, I shot the Computer Shoppe which I understand was the first walk-in retail computer store anywhere. Is that right? Give it a spin and check out their G3s and 20th Aniversary Mac.

 More Sample Panoramas and Scenes:

A N.O. Bed & Breakfast (Floor plan, many stills & 5 beautiful Panos). See this beautiful Real Estate / HOTEL example.

You'll want to spend the night after the tour!

 1997 Superbowl (4 panos)

HOB Java Joint, Beer Bowl & Superdome

  1997 Jazz Fest (3 panos with more to be posted eventually)

Gospel, a Lugger & HipPopeOtomus @ Liuzza's

Fort Pike at the Rigoletes guarding New Orleans East (2 panos)

Lotsa old red bricks and you can see the lake!


 New Orleans Canal Street - Aquarium to St. Charles Avenue. (5)

Fine hotels, a cafe & too many camera stores!


New Orleans Cemetaries - Originally a horse race track. (1 pano)

Visit the winner's circle!


Art Gallery featuring Mardi Gras Art (1 Panorama)

Plenty of beads, feathers and straw!


Hyperbaric Medical Unit (Floor plan &5 very nice panos)

Steel, glass, valves and gages!


Offshore Tug Boat (deck plan, a couple of stills & 7 industrial panos)

Visit the ship, without visiting the ship!

New Orleans French Quarter (map & 65 panoramas)

Some old, some new and some blue.


 My Family (1 pano)

Group Photo Panorama.


New Orleans 1996 Jazz Fest (3 low res panos from a point & shoot digital camera we would rather not use - see why!)


Also see 1997 Jazz Fest Panoramas above!


3-D Kitchen We create Photographic VR linked scenes from your 3D.

Less real than our photographic virtual reality.

Convention samples.

Post your trade show booth!

Andrew Jackson's Statue
  Electrical Box
  800 BHP Marine Diesel Engine
  City Park Carousel
  Mardi Gras Float coming soon!

Call or e-mail for a quote for Photographic VR for your yacht, boat, ship, offshore structure, shipyard, refinery, chemical plant, industrial facility, real estate, HOTEL, restaurant, bar/lounge/club, gallery, tourist attraction, travel destination, store, convention, party, meeting, parade, festival, sport facility, 3-D design, hospital, crime or accident scene or anyplace or thing you wish people to remotely explore on CD, internet or intranet from the comfort of their home or office or from your laptop or desktop computer. Phfffeeewwww!

 Photographic VR is a communications facilitations tool.

You will find it useful for marketing, training, general documentation for maintenance and operations, and as an extremely effective presentation visual aid.