Maritime New Media, Inc.'s Services

We create photography based VR .

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PhotoShipCD services:

We want to be on the Team!

Maritime New Media wants to help your company implement this new Photographic Virtual Reality technology. For example, we will train your in-house photographers to capture Photographic Virtual Reality. Or, we will help your programmers implement this new technology into CD projects, configuration databases, training applications, web sites or the like. We will assist fellow photographers or other photographicVR companies with photographicVR projects in any way you desire.


While we prefer to gather an understanding of the scope of work for a project and prepare a fixed price proposal, we are willing to also work on an hourly/daily rate plus expenses basis. Please call or e-mail for a quote on your project.

You will find our price to be very competitive if you are seeking a high quality product.

All panoramas are captured on 35mm film (the correct type) with either a super wide rectilinear 14mm, 20mm, 24mm or 28mm lens. Pro strobe lighting will be used when appropriate - which is almost always. WE DO NOT SIMPLY SHOOT, STITCH & DELIVER (like some competitors). We take the necessary extra time to ensure you receive the highest quality images possible.

We have an object movie rig. Again, call for quotes. Incidentally, we have shot many large objects including one that weighed in at TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED LONG TONS.

The custom applications we deliver are usually authored in Macromedia Director for Windows or Macintosh. Our typical "template" applications include panorama location indicator/buttons that turn into panorama view direction indicators (pointers) for the active panorama over floor or deck plans. A "run random" button is usually provided which randomly causes the view to randomly swing and zoom from view to random view on random panorama nodes within the scene. For a little extra, we can easily provide a guided tour through the VR scene. We can also make the custom application and VR do almost anything you can imagine.

We are not afraid of C or C++. We have even made MS Excel display panoramic scenes. So if you are using VB, ToolBook or something else and want to implement PhotographicVR, let us help. Of course, we also do web sites as long as they contain PhotographicVR.